Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reconstruction Surgery Scheduled!

I was riding the elevator to my office Monday morning, when another colleague joined me. She complimented me on my still very short hair and asked how I liked it. I paused, as I usually do when people remark about my hair and told her I loved it. I went on to explain how I had been on a cruise last month and my hair always looked great no matter what the weather. 

After exiting the elevator, upon my walk down the hall towards my office, I pondered the fact that I did not tell my colleague about my breast cancer and explain this as the reason for my short hair. I was glad that I did not. She honestly wanted to know what it was like to have short hair and I may have been the encouragement she needed to take to the leap. It was nice to inspire someone outside of my cancer journey. The thought made me smile.

And truth be told, my cancer journey is coming to a close: my reconstructive surgery is scheduled for March 21! When I received the actual date, butterflies flew through my stomach like a race car. Brimming with excitement, I scurried home that night to celebrate.

As the reality of the surgery settles in a bit more, I am a bit more melancholy. I am not so much looking forward to adding another scar to my repertoire. The new scar will be across my right shoulder, which is where they will take muscle and skin to create a breast on my right side. However, I am busy, getting house and home in order, so to speak and am trying not to think about the physicalities of the surgery more than I must. Like the rest, I know this surgery will come and go, as will the pain and discomfort, severe as it may be this time around. Scars will heal and clothes will hide was does not. And as far as the actual risks, I am resolved not to worry. I know I have chosen my surgeon well.

Besides my cute short hair is bound to look chic, regardless.