Sunday, September 12, 2010


The following entry describes my first shower after my second mastectomy. So, if this is too much information, you may want to stop reading here. I was recently inspired by my friend, Meg, who shared something deeply personal in the form of a poem. Since I loved to write poetry in my younger years, I thought I would “go back to my roots” for this one.

Nearly Perfect,
Shower after 12 days of not.
The water hitting my skin,
So steamy and hot.

Undressing carefully,
Recognizing my scar.
Air hitting virgin skin,
Only partially marred.

Breast gone.
Matches right side.
Bravery, not so.
Cancer abide.

Stepping into the water,
Refreshing and scary.
Would it hurt, not sure,
Excusingly sparing.

Routinely lathering,
Not reaching, needing care.
Tender touch to rescue,
Holding hand, tears fair.

Not bothered by scar,
Emotions abound.
Needing that hand,
And the kiss that I found.

Hot water renewing,
Strength coming back.
Cancer is gone,
So different, the track.

Learning so much,
Unrecognizably so.
Needing so much,
OK to let go.


  1. Love this poem. So true. Tears are flowing, which is a good thing. Thank you for posting.


  2. Oh babe. Just beautiful. You and your poem.