Thursday, December 2, 2010

3-Day in San Diego

I wrote the poem below after returning home from watching the finish of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk in San Diego. For those of you that are not local, it rained all weekend. My daughter and I went down to hand out treats for a couple of hours that Saturday morning. All four of us went to the finish on Sunday. What a moving experience! I am so grateful for those who walk year after year and so proud of those who braved the rain this year. What a sisterhood I have joined through being a survivor! I am inspired.....and so, I write.

Rain pouring down,
Feet never stop.
Except to nurse a blister.
A single step, a hop.

Pink all around,
Smiles unaware,
Of scars they are healing,
With passion and flair.

Hope is the wish,
3-days, 60-miles,
They keep going,
Steps constant, single file.

In memory signs,
Posted along the way,
Angels floating,
By will or skyway.

Sisters in hand,
Husbands, sons too,
Bras on the outside,
Tears there too.

Legs soar,
Eyes bright,
Friends wishing,
Encouraging the fight.

Thanksgiving to follow,
This glorious quest,
Blessings abound,
Maybe a seat empty, lest.

We bow heads,
As we say grace,
We remember the rain,
What sisters have faced.

Thankful, I am.
For all listed above.
For every step taken.
Every step full of love.


  1. Goosebump good. Love it! Thanks Marsi for sharing!


  2. Wow - so beautiful, Marsi! Your poem brought me to tears. I love it! Thank you for sharing your heart. It is an honor to walk in the 3-Day and I will continue to walk until we find a cure. :)