Saturday, July 30, 2011

Live a Life Inspired

I woke up writing my blog this morning. Different phrases and titles were floating through my head invading my psyche and  waiting to be translated into something legible and interesting to read. As I type this, I cannot say that I have completely decided how the flow of this post will come to life. There is so much I want to say and my thoughts are pretty much all over the place, but here it goes.

Last weekend, I received a beautiful email from a high school friend. Her heartfelt email described how my story had inspired her to live a better life, be a better mother and make better use of her time. As always, when someone describes how I inspire them (not to make it sound like it happens everyday), I read in both disbelief and deep appreciation. To me, my outlook on my battle with breast cancer seems like the typical outlook/response of any responsible, loving parent. I know I have stated this time and again. However, I am beginning to understand that what seems ordinary to me is extraordinary to others.

Sunday night, the email on my mind, I was lying in bed really not thinking about much, yet thinking about everything. It was there that it hit me: Maybe I was put here on this earth to inspire others. And assuming that is the case, how blessed am I? How many people can say that they have inspired people and have documentation, like the lovely email I received. What a wonderful legacy I have been granted.

As much as I am struggling with my disease and recognizing the long road I have ahead of me, the sense of having a greater purpose brings me great comfort. And I hope it does to Steve, my children and my family. The fact that someone might take extra time with their kids, help a neighbor and/or enjoy their life a little bit more because of knowing my story is a gift that makes me tremendously happy.

I had a fantastic talk with a neighbor yesterday, whose family has had a heck of a journey as of late. In the midst of our conversation, I spoke of my Sunday-night epiphany. Suddenly, she jumped up and ran downstairs (we were at her house), returning with a bracelet that says these words: "Live a Life Inspired". As she put the bracelet on my wrist, she said that the bracelet had been given to her but she thought that I should have it.

"Wow and thank you" was all I could say. Did I mention that I was blessed?


  1. Wow, you continue to amaze me. Your selfless nature and strength you are a shining star for others! I love you :-)

  2. Indeed you are blessed! :-)