Monday, March 15, 2010

Six and out!

As promised, pictures from today. As you may recall, a group of girls and I put purple streaks in our hair in honor of the first chemo. Since I no longer have any hair and there was no real time for tattoos, I borrowed Maddie's purple Crayola marker for some fun.

Chemo went well. I am very nauseous and very tired. I already had a three hour nap today, but thanks to my steroids that I take through tomorrow, I got up for dinner with the family and am moving around a bit right now. Taste buds are going fast. Dry mouth has already kicked in. Symptoms seem a bit accelerated, all and all.

Just hoping this is the last set of chemo this can truly be Six and out!
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  1. You look great Marsi!!
    Nice tats!

  2. Love your ink! ;)

  3. Congrats, Marsi! This step is over. Sent you a small something in the mail. Love, Shelley.

  4. Nice pictures Marsi! I especially love the black and white of you. Enjoy the fact that chemo is a thing of the past! <3 Time to recover and then kick some more cancer butt w/ your surgery. Sending healing energy your way, friend.

  5. Congratulations Marsi, on completing your chemo in your usual grace and style. Just keep getting better. We miss you.


  6. Joe keepsasking me to check on you....
    Thinking of you

    Brandy, Joe, Jake and baby boy

  7. Marsi,
    My name is Terri and I am the Director of Retail Operations for Eskimo Joe's Clothes in Stillwater, OK. Your mother shared your story with us along with your blog. After reading your posts, I am truly inspired by your story as well as your positive attitude. Great to see you wearing our Joe's T-shirt. I hope our world famous smile continues to put a smile on your face, as well as others during your journey! Best wishes and thanks for sharing your story!