Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ode to a Wonderful Man

Steve had to give me a shower last night. There was nothing sexy about it. Just a man helping his wife, taking care of her "for better or for worse".

My having breast cancer definitely falls under this vow. Steve has a big job. He has to be my confidante, best friend, punching bag, nurse, caretaker of the kids, caretaker of me, runner of our household, cook, dishwasher, homework police, taxi cab, accountant, coach and many other roles along the way. Everyday, I always try to think of something I can get done or arrange to get done for us, in order to help Steve. For instance, yesterday, Evelyn went to the COSTCO for us (Thank you, Ev!)- something that we had been trying to squeeze in all weekend - and my mom went to the grocery store for milk and bananas and picked up Maddie at school (Thanks, Mom!). I looked at the kids' homework and asked Harrison to take Cooper for a short walk. BUT...this is about all I accomplished.

What did this leave for Steve? Since I was in so much pain yesterday (a story in itself), I hardly helped get the kids ready for school in the morning. After work, Steve came home, prepared dinner (dinners are being provided for us, but getting it on the table is a different story), did dishes, helped with homework and put the kids in bed and that is even simplifying his task list a bit. I did chime in here and there (I am a great supervisor!)...but really, Steve ran the household. This was followed by a providing a late-night shower for his wife, running out to get cash for Gaby (who is here cleaning our house today) and a few other menial chores. Last night, he did not grade papers. Usually, he throws in some of that too.

I think this is the same type of stuff we all do everyday. Nothing too extraordinary. However, in order to pay tribute to the wonderful man that is my husband, I wanted to describe how his day is filled. And this is only what I see after he gets home.

When speaking with my Uncle Bruce last week, he advised that my Aunt Debbie (one of the kindest ladies whoever walked this Earth - may she rest in peace) always healed faster when she had no responsibility. I know that Steve is trying to make this a reality for me. As I get stronger, I will do more. In fact, I always try to do too much too soon. It is kind of my "MO". In the end, I am just extremely blessed to be married to a wonderful man who has a stronger will than I do.


  1. wellllllll GOD BLESS STEVE, YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY.. DO KEEP IN MIND SWEET,LOVING,GIVING,NUTURING,SPOUSE,AMAZING MOMMY MARCI "YOU ARE IN A MILLION" so he is the ONLY MAN for you! God sends us (Steve) the energy/love we/he needs to help his sould mate gain strength,so you just TRY and relax so we can get you feeling strong. Prayers your way and lots of love:)
    muahhh xoxoxo

  2. Cannot express my relief at reading those words "cancer free". I cannot imagine the elation you both must be feeling. Congrats Marsi and rest, rest, rest. The biggest hurdles are behind you. Love, Shelley