Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quick Post for an Inspired Day

I did not intend to write in my blog this morning. In fact, I had decided against it, while sitting here sipping my coffee. But then I thought about the fabulous day that I had yesterday. Inspired by the beautiful women that we met while attending the Blue Man Group at the Civic Theater last night, I decided to jot something down. Sharing my joy, brings me solace.

Saturday started out a bit crazier than others. Many events were on my plate to coordinate and attend: Madison's gymnastics, Harrison's soccer game, Madison's 8th birthday party and tickets to see the Blue Man Group. This not to say that I did not have help. Steve and my parents were fabulous...with my mom taking a lot of the lead on Madison's birthday party; my dad helping with several aspects of the party...and of course Steve, who masterfully picked up the slack throughout the day.

The day brought many blessings. Many happy moments that I would not trade for hours of sleep: a win on the soccer field; frosting birthday cupcakes with my girl; the smiles on eight-year-old-faces as we provided a successful party craft that had all of the girls giggling; a nap in the afternoon; and, a fabulous interactive performance with the Blue Man Group last night. In addition to all of these special moments, while at Civic Theater, we met some very special ladies that had heard our story from Steve's brother.They were gracious, concerned and out and out two of the nicest people we have met in a while, even sharing their jelly beans and giving the kids one of their Blue Man Group programs to take home. It is special people like these that really help raise my spirits. As much as stolen moments with my kids mean the world to me, the kindness of strangers eases my worries in manner that is often untouched by my caregivers.

Regardless of how great of a day I had yesterday, as I might have predicted, I woke up with a slight cold this morning. This is not to say that I will not participate in activities today as planned....though, I may be watching the Chargers game from the couch.

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