Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Upcoming Scans and A Golf Tournament

The golf tournament was this past weekend. It was amazing. More than 200 people showed up to dinner. It raised more than $20,000 net. We are honored and overwhelmed. And donations continue to trickle in. Beyond the fundraising, the love in the room warmed my heart and gives me strength. It is really hard to explain, but this event could have passed for our wedding. People from all arenas of our lives in one beautifully decorated room. Hugs were abound and even a few tears, we felt like we won the lottery, in more ways than one.

So, on Monday, I went to Moores Cancer Care Center with the expectation of receiving chemotherapy only to find out that my platelet count was still too low. We also had an appointment with my doctor where we decided that I would have scans this week to make sure the chemo is working. Chemo just takes so much out of me that we felt it might be worth it to complete the scans before going through another round of the debilitating process. The scan is tomorrow morning.

A good piece of news; my liver chemistry panels are showing improvement. Normal range is 40-135. Mine was 810 in January. On Monday, it was 310. So maybe the chemo is working?

On the flip side, I am having more pain than usual. I think what I thought was nausea is actually pain in my stomach. My right side hurts from my liver and under my arm from the irritated lymph node on my right side. For these reasons, the scans make me nervous. But at least we will know.

And when we better bet I am going to draw from the strength I gained through the golf tournament. See how that works?

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  1. I see how it works> proud of you.