Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moving On Up!

So much has happened since I last wrote:
  • I completed radiation treatments on July 13;
  • My surgery for my left mastectomy and phase one of reconstruction on the left side has been scheduled for August 31; and,
  • On July 21, my oncologist, Dr. Sweet, changed my medical record from "oncology patient" to "patient has a HISTORY of cancer".
And this list just represents my treatment and recovery. My family life has been just as exciting:
  • Steve's school is back in session. Like last year, his sixth period class is a bit squirrely. He has three blind kids and three kids that suffer from Asperger's syndrome in the same class. He is the most requested teacher, again and is great with troubled students. I am sure that the fire safety demonstration is this week - one of his favorites. Look out science world, Mr. White is in the house!
  • We had to buy a new car. Steve's car finely gave up about a week ago. We love his new car though - the Ford Flex. It is so roomy inside and perfect for hauling around the four of us, plus Cooper (our dog) and whomever else would like to join in on the fun.
  • My daughter finished golf camp this week. She loves to hit the ball, particularly with her driver. My little half-pint! I guess it is time for me to take up golf, now that both kids have caught the golf bug!
  • My son and his best friend, Ian, finished surf camp. Harrison proudly reported that he caught six waves while surfing yesterday; five of which he actually stood up on the board and rode the wave to shore. I will not be taking up surfing, I am afraid. While I love the beach, I am not as sure about my relationship with the ocean and in particular its waves. Madison tells me the same. Maybe both of us will change our minds, in time.
  • Harrison played in two soccer tournaments, occurring last weekend and the weekend before that. They won the Albion Cup last weekend, for Boys U11. We were so proud. I have not seen Harrison that excited in a long time. We are really enjoying the team and the parents too. Looking forward to a great season! The next tournaments are August 7,8 and August 14, 15.
My life is full. My cup runneth over. I am one of the lucky ones. I am confident that there is direct correlation between my happiness and my new, official declaration of having a "history of cancer". 

Through a review of Twitter this morning (I just began 'tweeting' last week), I found a great article from Prevention Magazine, 10 Secrets of Happy Women. It is a fantastic reminder of how we should acknowledge special moments that happen every day, find what is best in them and intertwine that happiness, fleeting as though it may seem, into the very fabric of our existence. It is worth it, take it from me! I think this is what got me to this point, and will keep me at this point, for years to come.

Oh, and how am I feeling physically? I am a little tired. Actually, a lot tired. I was feeling fairly faint on Friday and Saturday; and I am guessing it was just from exhaustion. I am resting. My radiation burns are starting to heal. Though, they have been rather painful and itchy this week. However, I have passed the 10-day post radiation treatment mark, so I should feel better and better from this point forward. Yay!

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  1. Hi I found your blog quite by accident... glad I did I will enjoy reading it further and getting to know you and your family more.

    Take Care....Alli xx