Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hooray for DMV!

The good news....DMV cleared my driver's license this week. I have not received the official piece of paper in the mail, mind you. However, when I completed my behind-the-wheel test, I was told that I was "good to go". Can I tell you how much I loved closing that door? My February seizure added a unwelcome level of stress to my recovery. Yes, cancer hijacked my health for a bit, but my freedom too? That probably bothered me more than losing my eyelashes. I am just saying.

So, radiation week four - check! I have some pretty angry skin, which is sporting an dense series of minuscule, red bumps, reminiscent of a diaper rash. It itches. It is not going to get any better. In fact, I am told it could intensify and my skin could crack and/or blister over the course of the next two-three weeks. Let's hope not. I am currently wearing a foam dressing across part of my chest, about a two-inch strip starting at my collar bone and extending down to my breast bone. The dressing (Mepilex Lite with Safetak technology) allows the skin to heal from the inside. It is pretty cool. I also have prescription for a cream containing hydrocortisone, stronger than the 1% over-the-counter-strength that I was using at the beginning of the week.

I do not mean to sound overly dramatic. Ugly as it is, it does not hurt. It itches a great deal, but the cream should help. In my mind, just like my hair falling out with chemo, my skin's reaction is evidence that the radiation is working. I need it to work; I want it to work. While my cancer is gone (this sounds more awesome every time I say it!), abnormal cells could still be lingering in my chest wall or skin. And it goes without saying that I do not want any abnormal cells floating around and causing problems down the road. It would only take one.

Needless to say, I am very glad the holiday weekend is here. I look forward to reconnecting with friends both and watching my kids eyes light up as they watch the firework shows both tonight and on the 4th. I look forward to hearing their laughter and excitement as they swim and play with friends. I look forward to relaxing on my couch. Mostly, I look forward to a three-day break from radiation treatments. Only six more treatments to go!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July, all!


  1. Received the official DMV notice today in the mail. Yay!

  2. another infromative post
    great to get yur license back!