Saturday, June 26, 2010

Radiation, Week Three

Radiation, week three - check! I am tired. Very, very tired. My skin is starting to show some signs of trauma - just really small bumps right underneath my collar bone. At least, the weekend will give my skin a little time to recover. At the beginning of the week, I was trying to go to bed early - like before the kids. Towards the end, I did not fair as well, in that respect.

I am really trying not to let radiation get the best of me. I was sad to miss my friend's birthday party this week and since, vowed not to let the fact that I am tired limit my participation in the important things. However, I recognize that I need rest, so I will not be a cranky mommy and also, in order to be productive at work. It is just a balancing game, like anything else. It is a game that I am winning!

At work yesterday, I had one of my most productive days in a long time, completing one grant, one letter of intent, two signed grant agreements and communicating with two other of my most favorite/prominent donors. I remind myself that a day like that would have made me tired regardles of receiving radiation treatments. It has been a busy work week, but I found that it helped me to not dwell on my physical symptoms.

The best part about this week is the surprise visit from my great friend and college roommate, who contacted me Monday just to see if we were going to be around, should she and her family come to San Diego. Great fun. Today, one of my other college roommates will be in town with her family. A complete coincidence - what an awesome treat for me! Our kids get along famously, which makes it even more special. And the fun continues, culminating with a trip to Legoland this coming Tuesday.

Just as fun as all this though has been watching the World Cup with my son/family. I love the way Harrison gets so excited to watch the games. The US played at 7:00 a.m. this past Wednesday. We woke up at 6:58 and it was like we were late for Disneyland or something, with Harrison rushing to find his US soccer jersey in order to watch the game in our own living room.

And my daugther? She is not as excited about the World Cup. Though she did lose her two front teeth this week. A right of passage, in her mind. She is too cute for words sometimes.

So radiation will ensue on Monday. I am trying to stay positive. This past week, I have had quite a lot of help. Next week, I know I will find another avenue of distraction, whether it be World Cup, Legoland and/or a good book. I am winning the game! July 13, my last day of radiation, is just around the corner. The countdown is on!

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  1. I really Love hearing the positiveness and acceptance in your tone of writing. Sounds good, really good. My what one must go thru to work so hard and endure so much. I am very proud, and Happy things are coming along. Norma keeps me informed of your progress too.
    Much Love and prayers, cousin, Mary