Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So today is Steve and my 14th wedding anniversary...

So today is Steve and my 14th wedding anniversary. It is also my first day of radiation therapy. A bit ironic, I think.

I was prescribed 25 radiation sessions that will occur five days a week, for five weeks. They are radiating the right side of my chest wall and my remaining lymphnodes, which reside under my collar bone. After having my first radiation therapy session this evening, I do not have much to say about it. It did not hurt, though I did feel something. I would equate it too one of those times where at days end you may say to yourself, "I think I am a little sunburned", but it does not really hurt to move. One of those sunburns that would not classify you as a lobster and is gone the next day. Something like that. However, side effects from radiation are cumulative, just like chemo. I guess it is good thing that I am permanently numb (for the most part) on the right side of my chest.

Anyway, I have decided to treat radiation as if it were just a normal part of my routine. I have a theory that if I make a big deal about it, I have given radiation power and its side effects will intensify. Please know that I appreciate offers to help in any and all capacity - but I am going to try this on my own first, as least the transportation and routine part.

And, if you ask me how radiation is going. I might say, "fine" or "it's going". Not that I am asking you not to ask, I just do not want you to be surprised by my answer. I am trying not to get in the habit of complaining, because I do not think it helps me, or anybody else.

So yes, I may be too tired from time to time. Or I may not be able to go to the beach and sit in the sun. But please ask. I will let you know.

And, happy anniversary to my beautiful husband. It has been a tough year. I know this is not exactly the way he envisioned spending any of his days with me, much less an anniversary. Yet, he has been my champion through it all. If you know Steve, you would expect nothing else. I am truly lucky.


  1. Happy Anniversary to the both of you not just your wedding but to the life that you will have together cancer free and care free for the rest of your lives. You both are such a inspiratual couple. Love you both... Enjoy life to the fullest together forever... XOXOXO

  2. Happy (late) Anniversary! Sorry this year has a bit of a damper on it. Just think about how awesome next year's anniversary will be. Can't wait to see you! XOXOs to you both. Love, Shelley