Saturday, June 5, 2010

Harrison and the Mudcats

I am so sore this morning. I knew I was tense yesterday at Harrison's championship baseball game, but holy cow!

I write this post this morning, thinking not of my cancer or radiation but about my son. Harrison is 10 years old. He is the light of my life. Madison too. Last night, however, Harrison stole the show. For those of you who know Harrison, you know that Harrison has an inherent, natural athleticism that allows him to hold his own at about any sport he tries. Last night was baseball's turn - championship game for San Carlos Little League's minor division: the Mudcats vs. the Riverdogs.

I cannot say that Harrison made any remarkable plays. I can't say that he hit a home run or made a diving catch. Like in every game though, he hit, he threw, he caught and did his job very well at every position he played. He has the third highest batting average on the team. He has a great arm and is consistent.

Last year, Harrison played for the Durham Bulls and they won the league championship. Last year, Harrison was the pitcher they put in the close the game, with bases loaded and a score of 19-18. We prayed. Harrison did his job, the Bulls defense did their's. The Bulls won. There is no better feeling than that.

So you might imagine how Steve and I were feeling last night. The score was 12-12 and Harrison was the next pitcher in line. But that was not the worst part. All season long, Harrison's team has had a remarkable way of falling apart (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) for an inning or two and then pulling it together and winning the game. This is not every game, but of course, this is what happened during last night's game. Finally, in the 7th inning, which is overtime in little league play, one of Harrison's teammates stole home and we won the game, 13-12. Us parents started breathing again. Harrison never had to pitch.

I wanted this win so bad for Harrison and the Mudcats, a desire even more intensified by the fact that he was on the winning team last year and would be the only one from the Bulls that achieved this accomplishment this year.

I am so happy for Harrison. He is a champion - two years and a row. Now, we move on to regionals....and Harrison is pitching on Monday night. He needs to pitch the game of his short career. Since he did not have to pitch in regionals last year, this is a new challenge! Count on me and Steve not breathing while he is on the mound.

As I sit here and write this, my family is waking up. My daughter just came downstairs and apologized to my son for being "late". Late for cartoons, I guess. So cute. And even with my sore body and the fact that we have to race off to Harrison's indoor soccer games this morning, I am happy. Cancer be gone and stay that way, please. Yesterday was just a great reminder that life goes on....and so will I.

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