Saturday, June 19, 2010

Radiation, Week Two

I finished week two of radiation yesterday...week two, less one day (I started on a Tuesday). It has been a hectic week. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Though, the stress of work certainly had me ready for the weekend. I am really trying to take a back seat and let my boss make the decisions in my area of expertise, Foundations and Grants. However, I see things that need to be done and I do them. In the past, he counted on me to make recommendations, consult on department-wide on projects, only consulting him for big decisions and to let him know what projects I was working on. This was all within reason of course. Bottom line, I was accountable to him for all business to do with foundations and grants. Now, he assigns me a list of projects....and I just give him progress updates.

By my own accord, my list of projects is growing, though I am trying to abide by my limitations. I work at the office on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I work from home as needed on Tuesday and Thursdays. This past Thursday, I was just too tired to work, even though grant deadlines and other work worries deprived me of sleep the night prior (which may have been why I was too tired to work). The old Marsi would have found a couple hours to work, regardless of how I felt. I did not. I opted to read my book and watch Harrison practice soccer in our backyard. I did good.

So....onto week three of radiation, this week. I am a bit tired. My skin is still doing ok, though I learned the hard way on Thursday how sensitive it is when I inadvertently got sunburned after reading my book outside. Ouch! At least I have the weekend to heal.

I met with my radiation oncologist on Tuesday. She told me that my worst side affects will occur the two weeks after radiation ends. Hmmm.... My last day of radiation is July 13. I am not so excited about dealing with this stuff into August. Steve and I also met with my neurologist on Thursday. Apparently, my EEG shows significant improvement over my previous EEG. Since I am epileptic, as expected, it is still abnormal but improvement? Wow, maybe the chemo had an adverse effect on my epilepsy? Another hmm....

My job for the weekend is to sleep and to make sure that Steve has a great Father's Day. In honor of Father's Day, my friend suggested that we all change our Facebook profile pictures to a picture of our dad. I found a picture that I liked so much that I thought I would share it here too. It was taken at Christmas after my third round of chemo. (By the way, unlike this picture, my hair is coming back in full force....not enough to share a picture here, but hopefully soon!) Included in the picture are myself, my dad and my brother. I love my dad! He is such a great person and my hero, really. Well, both of my parents are my heroes. But this picture is how I always think of him, smiling. Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you!

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  1. Pumpkin,
    I am so proud of you in all aspects of your life, particularly, the way you are handling and beating this illness. You are a wonderful mother, wife and daughter.

    I love you very much.