Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chemo Calls My Pillow

Chemo calls my pillow,
Not much I can do.
Choices to make.
Decisions, thoughts of you.

Physical limitations,
Around every turn,
No pool, no meat,
Events skipped, I learn.

What do I skip?
Navigation is key.
Disappointment imminent,
Pains hearts, daily.

Gets to my soul,
Guarded and fair.
But happy reflections and hope,
Conquer sadness, in there.

It is the moments I fight for,
Surface thoughts so true,
Managing frustration,
Grieving, anew.

Positivity, so critical,
I banish sad thoughts.
Faith, hope and trust,
Tying their knots.

My friends lend affection,
And my family is my wall.
Protecting and reminding me,
It is OK to fall.

Into a sleep that is so needed,
A rest that is well deserved.
As I fight off this monster,
Called cancer, absurd.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful poem Mars. Though I am sure you know it alreadyI will state it again to reinforce it, but sleep is very important in thegrand scheme of healing. It is when the best healing is done. So try not to feel guilty, or sad for missing out and think of it as just another step towards healing yourself. No different than one of your Reki appointments or one of you chemotherapy sessions themselves! Think of you often and always sending prayers your way.
    love ya, Lynn S.