Monday, August 8, 2011

Today is my Birthday, Hold my Hand

Today is my birthday,
Hold my hand.
Fingers locked together,
You understand.

No present needed,
No cake will do,
Just hold my hand tight,
Find strength, anew.

Today is my birthday,
Hold my hand.
Tell me that you'll fight with me,
As our future demands.

In sickness and in health,
For that we did vow,
Never thought it'd be me,
Sickness plagued, now.

Today is my birthday,
Only 40 years old.
Prime knocked down early,
Faith and hope unfold.

Into something so great,
Much bigger than me.
Making a difference through caring,
For all who I see.

Today is my birthday,
Please hold my hand.
Tell me you love me....

Never let go......


  1. love you Marsi, this is beautiful and so are you birthday girl. Happy 40th!

  2. Sending much love on your special day!!

  3. Beautiful - wishing you a very happy birthday and holding out my hand from afar. From another Leo (my birthday was last week) Hugs P :)

  4. Damn! This was incredible. Sending you love and prayers.