Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Update

In spite of my post from yesterday, today I am proud to say that I took the dog on a short walk and folded a load of laundry! My daughter helped with both. The walk was a short one and the load of laundry was a light one....and now I am exhausted. However, after the tone of my post from yesterday, I felt I owed you all an update as today I was able to "move more". I wish I could say that I knew what caused the change but for now, I am just going to bask in my accomplishments for the day and hope I have enough energy to take the kids to the movies this afternoon.

Thanks for reading my blog, all. It really means the world to me.


  1. One step at a time Marsi, you are doing a amazing job. I really wish I had your heart and strength. You are a inspiration to us all.
    Love ya

  2. You are an inspiration......I am amazed at your strength and ability to share your story with all of us. Susie

  3. Hi, Marsi! My name is Lynn Paul, maiden name Rossi. My grandfather was Maynard White, Milton White Sr.'s twin! I found your name on Ancestry and "hunted" you down thru the Internet. I never expected to find such a strong, loving cousin! What a woman you must be.

    My mother was Maynard's daughter, Joan. She and Dad both passed away last year. I knew and met your father-in-law Milton and enjoyed him very much. I would love to hear from you. Who knows? Maybe we can fill in each other's "blanks" in the family tree. My email is: Tell Steve (whom I've never met!) his "cuz" says Hi!
    Love ya,