Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's

Today is April Fool's Day. Though, it does not seem like a day for fooling anyone. In fact, we are in deep, cleaning our daughter's room in preparation for the new furniture we bought yesterday. Mind you, furniture we promised Maddie for her 8th birthday, September 29, 2011. So far, we have no fewer than six trash bags full of stuffed animals and pillows by our front door waiting for a Goodwill run. And more is coming. Hard to believe that much stuff was in her room. Poor girl.

Tomorrow, I will either have chemo or a blood transfusion. I honestly do not know which. Part of me thinks that since I have been feeling better than usual, I will be able to have chemo. Part of me believes that the proven pattern will stay the same and that my platelet count will go down again as will my RBC. Honestly, I think I would rather have chemo.

The last couple of days I have had periods of feeling back to normal but have also faced hours and hours of nausea. The nausea gets me good. It makes it hard for me to even tell when I am hungry and deters me from eating anything heavy. I guess this could be a good thing as I am now back in my size 8 in most clothes. Certainly not my preferred reason for diet....but it sure felt good to buy that two piece bathing suit last week! Now, I just need a tan.

So, as I start this new week. I am feeling a sense of accomplishment. Positive thoughts fill my mind and a joyful peace runs from my head to my tows. It feels so good to know we are finally starting/finishing Madison's room. Having that hanging over our heads made me feel guilty beyond belief. Now, I get to turn to another passion of mine, decorating. Let's hope I have the energy to do my girl certainly deserves it.

Have a great week, all!

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