Monday, April 9, 2012

No Good Reason to Post

......Other than I feel like it. Quite a change from recently, when I have had to convince to myself to post. Truth be told, I have not been feeling that well. My stomach has been bothering me and I am not sure why. Mainly, a weird sort of nausea, light pain. They took a bunch of blood from me on Saturday. The tests are not back yet.

I walked the dog twice today - once by myself, once with the family. We are getting to my favorite part of the year where the days are long and the evening hours seem extended. Going for a walk tonight with the family was wonderful. Our dog has been overfed/under exercised for some time two walks for him is great. He needs it. The fresh air was good for all of us.

I am finding myself missing my friends lately. I enjoy reading blog posts by a couple of them. It makes me feel closer to them, at least. My missing them is compounded by the fact that I am not feeling like doing anything about it. Feeling the way that I do is miserable. Eating feels like a chore. I really miss my appetite. I miss food cravings and pigging out on ice cream or pizza. In general, I was telling Steve today that I feel similar to the way I felt when we were in Florida and I was admitted to the hospital. Don't get me wrong, I do not think I need to be admitted to the hospital. I am confident that the blood work submitted is enough. I just feel so crummy. Which is the perfect time for FaceBook and Twitter. They keep me connected to you all and make me smile.

I was also touched by a new connection I made with a distant relative of Steve's. She found me by way of and my blog. She sent me a very kind email and I look forward to making a new friend.

Other than that, my daughter brought home a marvelous report card. Probably the best I have ever seen from either of my children while in elementary school. My kids were on Spring Break last week and I have to say I enjoyed every moment of it. What great kids I have. So helpful. So genuine. I was really impressed. Is it wrong to be impressed by your own kids and share it with the world? I hope not.

So, I am rambling now. So I will have to cut this post here. Thank you all for listening and being "here" for me. I really appreciate you all.


  1. Hi Marsi! I think about you and your family everyday. I love that your posting more on FB and your blog. You are such an amazing light in my life. I'm looking forward to us catching up soon. XXOO! Nancy

  2. Brag as much as you want about your children! They are lovely, delightful people - true reflections of you and Steve. XO Cheryl and Mike

  3. Marlena DeLaCruz WeldonApril 19, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    Marsi, I just recently stumbled across your blog/story on the 4S ranch website (we live there now) So many emotions going on inside me. I have such wonderful memories of your precious little ones snuggled in my lap at the child care center. Positive thoughts and prayers for you all, I'm also on Facebook if you want to look me up. God bless.

    Ms Marlena :)