Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Wig is Fitted and a Red Head is Born

Yesterday, Steve, the kids and I went to my wig fitting. The kids did well. They did not get too bored and Maddie even found a hat or two that she thought were just perfect for her. I wore my wig home where we met up with Tom, my mom and dad.
Several minutes later, a group of friends came over to help us start moving into our new master bedroom and help clean Harrison's bedroom. The master bedroom is truly beautiful, I cannot believe it is our room! A special thanks to you all for taking over organizing my closet and new dresser and to Lisa for taking on Harrison's room. After a short nap, my wig and I made our debut at Jim and Barb's Annual Christmas Cocktail. We had a great time - thanks to Barb and Angel for making sure our kids were taken care of so we could enjoy the evening.

By all accounts, the wig passed muster. Needless to say, hats are far more comfortable - so we will see how it goes. Although I have to admit, I already picked out a platinum blonde wig for my next purchase. Maybe each look will come with its own alter ego. As my friend Glen suggested, maybe I need an alias. I wonder which will show up for chemo in the morning?


  1. Marsi-you can pull off red, blonde, purple, green, whatever! You're gorgeous - both inside and out. Love you!

  2. Marsi, you look absolutely ADORABLE!! Seriously!! You are just rockin' that wig! Can't wait to see you soon! -- Leanne M

  3. The wig looks awesome on you, Marsi! I have to admit, your smile is a big help. And I agree with Caroline there. I'm sure you can rock wigs of any color, just like my wife. She has several front lace wigs that come in three different colors, and they all look good on her. Well, I think it depends on how the person wears the wig. She always wears her lace wigs with a bright smile just like yours. You two look gorgeous!