Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keep On Keeping On: Decorating Cookies for Santa

Yesterday morning, I awoke in a lot of pain. After dosing myself up on Norco and Ibuprofen, I knew the couch would not be my friend for the day. I also knew I had to come up with a distraction otherwise I would go nuts. My energy level was low. Yet, after doing my morning yoga routine, I felt I could handle taking my dog for a walk.

It was my toughest walk to date. Maybe because I had not done it for a while; maybe because I was in pain; maybe both. I sat down twice. I got extra irritated at my dog. But I made it around the block and started to feel a little better upon my return. It was then that I started to drink extra water. I am not a water drinker and some days I am adversely opposed in general. However, it seemed to be the thing to do yesterday morning. So, I indulged. I felt even better still.

The house was bustling. I cannot even tell you what I did in the subsequent morning hours. But thanks to my friend Barbara, I decorated cookies with my kids yesterday afternoon. I have never been a baker. The thought of rolling out dough and using cookie cutters followed by mountains of frosting and sprinkles has never appealed to me as an adult. Yet, Barbara and I came up with a plan. She suggested that she bring me plain, sugar store-baked cookies and we could decorate them without going through the trouble of baking them. .

Me and the kids, working away!

We all got into it. Even Harrison. In total, we decorated 24 cookies. I felt like a kid. And, I loved spending time with mine. Barbara had given me a gift far greater than simply running an errand for me. Decorating cookies was like an awakening, keeping me distracted and nearly pain-free until late afternoon.

 Will distractions, water and a walk work like this every day? I hope so. But if not, I know my couch is always here, like an old friend. And I will just keep on keeping on.
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  1. Love your cookies and your positive attitude! What a great friend you have in Barbara. We could all learn from her! Have a beautiful day, Marci! Still praying for you, every morning. I will check out the other blog! ;)
    Christine Whitacre

  2. Great job! What a wonderful way to spend time with your kids!

  3. Stay strong! You're in our prayers.

    James, Gretchen and Lily (Madison's friend from Children's)