Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Walk Up Hill

Every morning, I take my dog for a walk. I do so for his benefit as much as mine. He needs the exercise, as do I. This morning, I changed up our route. Instead of the easier walk that I normally do, I walked down to the Madison's school to take care of a little business, tying Cooper up outside of the school far from the classrooms. It is a beautiful brisk morning, sun shining brightly despite the chill in the air.

The walk down hill to the school is about 1/3 of a mile. I have walked it many times before, in earlier years, walking Harrison to school pushing Maddie in a stroller. In later years, walking home on starry nights from school events where parking would have been more troublesome than walking. Other times, riding bikes to the school to practice bike skills/safety with the kids. The exercise has always done us good, and our proximity to the school is really one of the best things about living in our neighborhood.

My chemo makes me extremely winded. Climbing the stairs in our split-level house, especially both sets, like  if I were to go from the garage to the kids bedrooms, makes me winded.  Walking sometimes even a short distance does the same thing. This week, for example, on my walks around the block, twice I have had to sit down on the curb for a few moments to catch my breath.....and this is walking the most flat route possible.

So, this morning, imagine my surprise when I walked uphill from Madison's school without having to sit down. Tired, I am. But I made it home practically with ease. I am preparing myself for our upcoming trip by trying to push myself a little bit. We plan to rent me a wheel chair for the parks, but I do not suppose I will be in it the entire time, nor would I want to be.

For me, this morning's walk was a blessing, for I am worried about slowing my family down by not being able to keep up with all of the activities that will be available to us in Orlando. After this morning's walk, I am encouraged. Maybe tomorrow, I will try the same walk again.

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  1. Yay!! So, excited for you.. God is good!! When is the trip?