Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cancerversary: November 12, Two Years

Yesterday was mine.
Two years, gone like 10,
Body torn and insides blind.

The day came and went,
Without celebration and cheer.
For I am still fighting,
Fighting harder this year.

Overwhelmed is my mind,
Good days are few.
Cancer teaches nothing,
Yet everything is anew.

I learn every day.
Myself, I am still exploring,
For I am as much the mystery,
As this senseless disease, imploring.

But what I have learned,
I value so dear.
Not ashamed to admit now,
I live every day with fear.

Not ashamed to cry,
Tears stream like a sheath,
Like pages of a book,
Giving way to light beneath.

My light shines brightly.
My soul tells all.
My strength is growing.
My light brightens tall.

Love is the answer,
To this silly game.
He will love me through it,
The line behind him, not vane.

God, family and friends,
Will not let us fall.
Blessed are we on this day.
Cancerversary, and all.

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