Sunday, November 6, 2011

For Your Cancer Survivor, Be a Part of It

Today, was the Komen San Diego Race for the Cure. My colleagues started a team in my honor called, Racing for Marsi. It was a very special day, made even more complete by the surprise visit from my brother all the way from Portland. The events of the day made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like a great big hug.

I was too tired to walk the race. Heck, I was even to tired to find our team meeting spot. I gave up, texted my location and sat and waited for those to find me. Luckily, my colleague had offered a wheel chair for my use during the race. I used it. I loved it. I walked the start and the finish and took rides mostly the rest of the way. This is the definition of chemo tired right here. Pure determination was not enough for me to push through the race...but the love that surrounded me, sure filled up my tank.

Reminiscing about how special being surrounded by our group during the three-mile walk, my husband and I came to the conclusion that people just really do not understand how truly special participation in an event like today is to a survivor. So, as I was trying to decide how to write about today in my blog, I decided I would try to stress this fact: BE THERE. Be a part of it. Mind you, there are several ways to be a part of it outside of actually walking the race. I received several thoughtful text messages the morning of the race as well as several emails. Each of these is very special to me, as well.

However, if you are able, I would encourage you to attend the walk, if only just once. Man a booth. Meet for pictures. Be a volunteer at the event. There is nothing quite like the electricity in the air. There is nothing quite like watching grown women cry happy tears just because they feel loved. There is nothing quite like witnessing complete strangers hug each other like they are life long friends, bonded in the survivorship sisterhood.

This post is in no way intended to lecture those who could not participate this year, but ,more about us realizing that people just do not really "know".  Until you have felt that invisible warm hand of acceptance holding your own, how would you? We also thought about the fact that our invitations to join our team, did not stress this fact. We never made it out to be the amazing event that it is. So, by writing this blog entry, the main idea I wanted to express is:  BE A PART OF IT. For your neighbor, your sister, your daughter, your teacher, your mother, your colleague, your cousin, BE A PART OF IT! You will be thankful that you did. Your tank will fill up, just like mine.

Team Racing For Marsi  also gave me a basket full of goodies, including jammies, movies, magazines, a personalized handmade calendar and a new Flip Camera, for me to be able to make a video journal. I took my first pass at it tonight. Click here to enjoy!


  1. OMG Marsi!
    Keep this great material coming.
    xo the Smiths

  2. Well said Marsi! It was an honor to meet and walk with you. You are an inspiration to us all. We'll be walking for you and thinking of you each and every step of our 60 mile journey during the 3-Day.
    Stephanie Castle & Team Viva Las Boobies