Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pure Heaven

Not a good day for me.
Lethargic and dehydrated,
Nothing helping any more than the next, maybe.

The day was a struggle,
And though he was sick,
He was positive all day long,
Even decorating the tree, lickity split.

Yet this morning so early,
For him the time may be,
He bounds up the stairs,
Full of energy.

"Five minutes until sunrise!"
It is kind of our thing,
Beautiful thought,
On this gorgeous morning.

We hold hands as it rises.
Cancer far from my thoughts.
He goes back to work after,
Trimming plants, taking trash out.

How does he do it?
I am sure I will never know,
His strength and his glory.
Pure heaven bestowed.


  1. Marsi,

    I read Art Epstein's comments today and wanted you to know I wish you well against your fight with cancer.

    In 1984 my dad died of glioblastoma.Chemo and radiation made his disease worse because I saw the x-ray before treatment and 4 weeks after radiation.In two weeks he was paralyzed on one side of his body.The necrotic tissue built up blocking the motor pathways.I suggested vegetables and positive child like imagination plus prayer.The nuerologist and his cousin ,who was his family doctor, just laughed.

    Today raw food is popular because cancer lives in an acid rich environment,but dies in an alkaline rich environment.I suggested this diet to two OD friends whose dad was dying of glioblasoma.Their dad also got high doses of vitamin C from a naturopath.He lived for 2 1/2 years and my dad died in 6 months and Ted Kennedy died in one year.I would now suggest drinking 1 gallon of alkaline or Kaegun water(high in alkaline and electrolites to kill or reverse oxidation).Get out in the morning sun for vitamin D and blue light is relaxing from what I know of Syntonics visual therapy.
    I have always believed it is better to give proactive suggestions to a fighter,which I feel you are,than sympathy which keeps you status quo.I hope my suggestions do not upset you,but I wondered if my dad and his doctors would have tried my suggestions what quality and longevity of life he might have had?

    May G-d help you in your fight to get well for you and your family.


    Jeff Eger,OD

  2. Beautiful poem, Marsi, as always. I hope your turkey day was good. I'm thinking of you often and Carrie and I want to come see you after Christmas. Love ya, babe. -Shelley

  3. You have been in my thoughts and prayers! So glad you got to have chemo this week and will continue to pray that you regain your strength quickly! Continue to have good thoughts and speak positive words! Know that we can do all things through Christ and He truly is our source of strength, mentally and physically! We will be praying also for good test results in a couple of weeks!
    Love ya!
    Ashley Sampier

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