Thursday, November 26, 2009

Books, Books and More Books

So, I started reading last night. the Mohamed Family from Rancho Del Rey Middle sent home a gift bag containing two books, Just Get Me Through This and The Breast Cancer Husband. (They also sent a Breast Cancer Dammitt Doll for which I can focus my frustration!) Just Get Me Through This was previously recommended to me by someone in my support group at Scripps Polster Breast Care Center. So, I perused through it last night.

What did I learn? Well, some of the same that I learned in chemo class - but also practical tips on how I can mentally and physically survive my eighteen weeks of chemo (As a reminder, I have six sessions which will occur at three week intervals). Some of my favorites include:
  • Do not take anything with me to the chemo session that is not disposable, as I will forever associate that item with chemo and its side effects;
  • Transform chemo into an outing - add a celebration to the outing to celebrate completing each treatment;
  • Record ALL symptoms/side effects that occur during the first 12 hours of treatment, especially. This will help docs adjust meds if needed; and,
  • Appoint at least one social director - so that I have something to look forward to each week, that I do not have to think about and plan.

And these are only from one section of the book.

I have been discouraged by Dr. Sweet from researching my condition on the Internet and I agree with him wholeheartedly. However, I am very grateful for all of the reading materials bestowed upon me by well-wishers. I anticipate that each book will have an informational gem (or two) such as those listed above.

Whether we get through them all is a different story. I had a random idea that I should ask for volunteers to help me read some of the books but am thinking that is a little far fetched. Anyone game?

A special thanks to Donna Mohamed (and Jefferey) for the generous gifts. Donna, your note was very thoughtful and I may just be calling you!

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  1. I would be happy to read books for you and do a book report- ha, ha! I know all the info is overwhelming. Amy W