Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Always Wanted to Be a Red Head

Wig shopping - CHECK! Several of my friends had offered to go with me, but in the end, I most wanted to share the moment with my mom, Kelly and Madison.

When I walked in the shop, The Brighter Side, it was nothing like I expected. Based on the recommendations I had received and the fact that it was in Solana Beach on Cedros Ave, I think I expected somewhere between a high fashion salon and cute boutique. What I found was much better. The ladies who helped me were warm, caring and very helpful. They talked to us about the different kind of wigs and colors for my skin. The shop was very nice and carried a lot of other accessories which I guess will come in handy, at a later date.

I tried on every type of wig, short, long, curly, straight and everywhere in between. I even found one that matched my current hair color exactly - less the purple highlights. The style also was very similar to my hair and could have easily been mistaken for a fresh haircut. However, in the end, it was Maddie's suggestion of red hair the won the day. The auburn wig was the perfect mix of style, color and to be frank, fun. Might as well sneak some of it in somewhere!

I made the appointment for the official fitting and styling session. At this appointment, I will leave wearing the wig, i.e. I will not have any hair, or very little. The appointment is December 12. It seemed kind of strange to make the appointment for which I need not have any hair. In the long run, I think emotionally it will be much easier for all, if we cut my hair short, rather than watching it slowly fall out. That may be more than I can bear.

As I prepare to pack away my blow dryer, hair accessories, flat iron and styling products, it brings me comfort to know that a stunning red head will make an appearance very soon. I just hope I can master styling the wig without heat (heat ruins the wig). Otherwise, I might just be dawning a baseball cap!

Special thanks to my mom and dad for buying the wig. Your support in this way and hundreds of other ways is what is giving us the strength to get through this! Love you.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You are so brave and you will look fabulous as a red head (of course I wish that this didn't have to happen to you at all!) Sending my love from Virginia!

  2. You are going to love being a red head! After years of hating being different, I have realized that we do have the most fun! Good for you for having fun with it!