Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sitting on the Couch

Trying to recover from my cold, I spent a long afternoon and evening on my couch. When I spend any time on my couch, television does nothing for me. I am all about my laptop.

I was tired. I had taken Maddie to a therapist to talk about her anxiety brought on by my having cancer and what options Kaiser may offer. I got some answers. The jury is still out.

Back to my laptop, I started poking around on Facebook. Nothing too exciting going on there. Then, I remembered that I never registered myself with Young Survival Coalition (YSC). There is a local San Diego affiliate and I have met several members. They have events through out the year and even have a Facebook page. Upon registering and creating a detailed profile about my disease, I found one of the greatest assets of YSC - their bulletin board. The bulletin board is full of useful information on everything imaginable. Really useful information. Questions and answers to things that I would not dare to ask anyone. Anonymity is a great thing.

While reading the bulletin board, I came across a member posting that hers, Someday, we will look back and laugh, was the featured blog in CR Magazine. I read the CR Magazine entry. I read her blog. I related. Her last two recent entries particularly affected me. I love her style.

Her last blog entry revealed that her life has taken an unexpected down turn. As I read further, she started writing of blogs that make her laugh. I know I cannot do her story justice. However, the long and the short of it is that the writer of one of the blogs that lifts her spirits, That's Church, is also one of the people responsible for bringing the 53 Haitian children of BRESMA to Pittsburgh.

Having cancer is so overwhelming at times. It is easy to get caught up in the all about me wallowing that I have been told is deserved, yet it still does not feel right. I am glad I spent so much time on the couch today. With all of the reading I did, my world seems a whole lot bigger and my problems seem that much smaller. To quote That's Church, "Haiti still suffers." May we all remember that.


  1. Oh my, Marsi. I just spent some time reading "Someday, we will look back and laugh" blog. I plan to put a link on my blog. She's a fantastic writer. Just like you. Thanks for the link! I also like how you named your hyper links what you want to call them. Did you do that through tinyurl?

    I hope you're feeling well. Baseball season is coming up fast. I look forward to seeing you at the baseball fields!


  2. Nancy, I had you in mind as I was posting. Glad you read the blog!

  3. Hey Marsi! Writing to say thanks for still blogging. In some ways it makes me feel as if I am helping you. I know it's not the same as being there in person but I'm there in spirit! You sound as if you're doing great, not all days are going to be happy ones but I'm glad you are finding small ways to be "strong" every day. Even if it's just for a moment. So important. Love ya, Shelley.