Monday, January 11, 2010

We are all in charge of our own happiness...

A great reminder from my good friend, Teri. We are all in charge of our own happiness. Right now, my happiness includes Claimjumper's Chocolate Cake and a glass of ice cold milk. I had chemo today, so I am not quite sure how my stomach is going to handle this decadent piece of heaven. Hopefully, the milk will help ease the affect on my stomach and and if I eat is slow enough....We also had our first meal organized by the San Diego United Futbol Club, dropped off tonight by the Gofigan family. We ate well and have plenty of leftovers. It was delicious.

Chemo today went well. My nurse was Remy. My white count was 3.7 back up from 1.9 that it was the day after Christmas. Normal is between 4-11. Remy said that whatever I was doing to keep doing it. I guess that means my hectic week and weekend worked for me. I guess that is a good thing.

Remy also said that my skin looked good, when I asked about dehydration pointing out to her that my finger tips are extremely dry. (I have heard that problems with my fingernails could possibly ensue.) Remy said that this is natural progression and if I notice numbness to call Dr. Sweet.

The only unfortunate part of the experience was that the pharmacy was slow in getting my meds ready. So, we got a late start. After we got started though, things went according to plan. Steve went out and got us lunch. The french fries tasted so good. However, the not so healthy meal was instrumental in bringing about some nausea for me during the latter part of my treatment. It was worth it though! They gave me a little bit of Adavan and I started to feel better.

This evening, I am more lethargic than I have ever been. I would like to think that it is from the extra dose of Adavan. However, one Adavan does not usually cause this kind of sleepiness. It takes at least two for me. I am more inclined to think this is just the chemo and the fatigue beginning to increase, as Dr. Sweet said it may.

As it is 9:05 at night, I think I am heading to bed soon, not certain of what tomorrow will bring. In the end though, Teri's right, I am in charge of my own happiness. No matter how I feel tomorrow, I will find some joy in my day.

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