Monday, October 3, 2011

Waiting for Test Results

My body knows a secret,
Privy, not is my mind.
Status of cells shrinking,
Or growing, unkind.

Status of cancer,
And side affects wherein,
Chemo taking its tole,
Tokens collected, within.

Minds are racing,
Even a kiss from my son,
Secret spoiled in minutes,
Wondering, "Have we won?"

"Have we beat this monster?"
"Will we beat it, true?"
Family emotions tied together,
A knot, tight, bound through.

Doctor knows the secret,
His office awaits.
Morning will crawl.
Until we know fate.

Medicine only offers,
A single aspect of care,
Depending on my body,
For help, to take us where,

We can find some answers,
We can learn from within,
Finding treasures in spirit,
Finding strength among the din.

Faith, we have plenty.
Love, boutiful and pure,
Holding onto both,
Promise health and a cure.


  1. My new friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to meeting you, my next visit next month. You are blessed to have such good friends & family. Marinade in that blessing. Take good care of yourself! Mz marz

  2. That was beautiful, I will be thinking of you.