Monday, October 31, 2011


My dizziness radiates,
From behind my eyes.
A light spinning,
That I recognize.

For it comes with being epileptic,
A side effect of those meds.
My entire life suffered,
Seizures feared instead.

Instead of the cancer,
Which now riddles me so,
The dizziness, almost a comfort,
My sight suffers, although.

I hold onto railings,
Cancel all driving, indeed.
To let the dizziness pass.
I have kids to feed.

They do not know how I suffer,
For their day to run smooth.
They do not look in my eyes,
Pupils dazed and un-soothed.

Rest is the answer,
Sleep should do the trick.
Meds can be monitored,
To let my body heal quick.

Today is my journey,
Nothing is more true.
Making the best of each moment,
Dizziness aside, each day anew.

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